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Going deep into Larose Forest, Ontario

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Larose Forest is a man-made multi-purpose trail area where people could enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities. Hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, are some examples of the vast number of uses this amazing area can potential accommodate.

Conveniently located about 60km east of Ottawa, this destination quickly became one of our favourite places to go mountain biking.

Why do we love the place so much? Mostly due to its various levels of difficulty, groomed trails (all-season) and, much relevant these days, because it is a one-way trail with minimal opportunities for bottlenecks. Morerover, if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you will be able to find advanced features off the main intermediate/beginner trail.

Also, the vegetation and natural features of the landscape, provide a unique combination between great cardio and relaxation.

The trail also has nice, spacious, naturally lit gravel parking which allows for a perfect post-ride "debrief". So make sure to pack a pair of lawn chairs, a change of cloth and bug-repellent (as needed).

Because of this, Larose is a place we will certainly keep visiting

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