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Video: Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

During the Fall of 2019, we spent two nights at Parc De La Conception, Quebec. They offer various logding options, including roofed accommodations, serviced, unserviced and waterfront sites. Their partially serviced waterfront sites vary in size but almost every (if not all) site is includes of a wooded area, grass pad and, at the end of it, 5-10m of white, soft, breathtaking, sandy beach (Rivière-Rouge). On top of this, the campground offers seasonal pool, playgrounds, laundry room and other social facilities.

We really liked their fairly big (length-wise) waterfront sites with easy water access/storage for our kayaks and paddle boards; however, width varies and may make privacy a bit challenging. Fire-pits are located in the grassy part of the site making for a superb view from your lawn chairs, really amazing, this was prob the highlight of the stay! Also nice is that the resort is fairly close to local bike trails, Mont-Tremblant Village, Casino and Park.

BTW, La Rivière-Rouge has very strong and high currents (quicksand, too) so it may be hard even for experienced swimmers. Make sure to follow local recommendations, wear lifejackets and keep children within arms’ reach.

Feeling like day trip? consider visiting Mont Tremblant Park and/or pedestrian village. Plenty of options to choose from. You can simple walk around the pedestrian village, grab a drink, eat crepes or try taffy. If you want to reach the Mountain’s summit (970mts elevation, amazing views), you can either take the gondola (for a fee), hike the south or north side of the mountain (only during summer/fall time). You can also rent a bike and ride along its many trails. We feel that Tremblant has a little something for everyone, all-season long. Highly recommended even for a day trip from Montreal or Ottawa.

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