As kids, having the opportunity to spend all day outside played a big role in what we now enjoy as adults.

At an early age not only were we building forts, leading adventure "expeditions”, and enjoying the wonders of nature but we also found our infinite fountain of joy: THE GREAT OUTDOORS!

Through the years, our passion for the outdoors has only grown. Time after time, we have had the joy to confirm how much we truly thrive while spending time by a river, on a trail or listening to the sounds of a campfire on a beautiful starry night.


Proland3r's early beginnings go back to the ’80s in South America. After two decades guiding and inspiring hundreds of people, we are now happily established in Canada and delighted to share our passion with people around the world.


Because we heartily enjoy the outdoors we want to invite everyone around us (and by around us we mean: you, your friends and loved ones) to spend more time with nature and less time behind a door!


We look forward to a world where everyone enjoys all the wonderful things nature has to offer and achieves an ultimate state of holistic wellbeing

Our commitment

We will keep looking for new routes, trails and products to share with you all.

Did you know?

According to the July 2010 edition of the Harvard Health Letter, these are five good reasons to spend time in nature:

• Your vitamin D levels will rise

• You’ll get more exercise

• You’ll be happier

• Your concentration will improve, and

• You may heal faster