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Ottawa, ON, Canada

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I’m Ruben, founder and creator of Proland3r Outdoors. 

From an early age, my passion for the unknown and determination to go boldly on new adventures, has allowed me to experience, learn and develop a different perspective in life. This innate trait combined with the fact that I am also very analytical, allows me to “visit” these places ahead of time (in my mind), consider almost every possible scenario and prepare for it! I am the type of guy that would say: “yes, let’s go” and, at the same time, would pack extra gadgets/tools/plans to ensure our adventure lasts as longs as possible, together.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and it is up to us to decipher the message. This has

helped me appreciate the present, be more grateful and have a mindful connection with nature. 

To me, overlanding wisdom lies not in one individual or organization but in those that came

before us, the ones that are currently here and those who would certainly keep coming.

Almost as important, I feel that this wisdom also arises from those who, united by their

passion for the outdoors, are humble enough to share non-judgmental opinions

without expectations attached to them. Just happy to responsibly share with

hopes that it may benefit someone else.

Based on all this, I decided to create Proland3r not too long ago. My hope

was (is and will always be) to be able to create a unique and interesting space

where like-minded people can “meet” to share ideas, opinions and destinations. 

I invite you share our outdoor journeys together, get inspired, go outside

and enjoy the great outdoors!

Looking forward to hear from you all, get in touch soon!

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